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Agapanthus are summer-flowering perennial plants and are also known as African Lily. Although there are more species, Agapanthus can be divided into two different types, the deciduous or evergreen. Agapanthus vary in hardiness, the deciduous ones are more hardy than the evergreen ones.

Agapanthus can be used as a border plant or as a pot plant and they thrive in a well-drained, sunny position in the garden. During the winter the plants are best protected by a mulch (protecting layer) of straw. If you have planted them in a container, you can just take them indoors.

When do agapanthus flower?

There are different species and the flowering period varies from June to early September.

Planting your agapanthus bulbs:

Planting period : February until May
Planting depth : approx 3 cm below the ground
Spacing between bulbs: 20 cm
Type of bulb: perennial

Tip: Some bulbs need to settle first to establish a regular flowering pattern. Please follow the specific planting instructions of the flower bulbs, provided by the merchant
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